About Us

Chomza Technologies it is an Information and communications Technology Company with over 9 years’ experience that has managed to grow its national footprint and now exploring opportunities outside South African boarders.

We are a group of young vibrant team that is ready to service your company to grow to its maximum capacity. Your growth is our delight, for we know that as you grow we also grow together with you.

We take each and every business as serious as it does not matter how big or small the business is. We also do home and personal support as many have moved to working from-home due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

We pledge to give the best service as possible with a range of experience we have gathered over the years.


Internet services and VoIP
All our packages are uncapped, un-throttled and unshaped.

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Technical support and supply
We assist in making sure that we offer the best technical support

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Connection of all equipment in a LAN or on WAN is our specialty

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Software Dev & IT consulting
The best system is the one that is custom made for your organisation

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Internet Services

All our packages are uncapped, un-throttled and unshaped ranging as follows:

Connection 1
R 499 month

Start Speed

2 - 4 Mbps

Connection 2
R 699 month

Standard Speed

3 - 6 Mbps

Connection 3
R 899 month

Moderate Speed

4 - 8 Mbps

Connection 4
R 1599 month

Fast Speed

6 - 12 Mbps

Connection 5
R 2499 month

High Speed

12 - 15 Mbps

Connection 6
R 4299 month

Premium Speed

20 - 25 Mbps