Secure Backup

Secure Backup

Secure Backup can be used for all your backups
Loss of data due to crime or hardware failure on business premises is a costly expense for any business. Not only can data recovery amount to tens of thousands of rands, but also the loss of valuable time and information affecting day to day run of business. From first hand experience, Jenny Internet has developed a Secure Backup Service, which can safeguard your business information.
  • Easy setup.
  • Extremely secure and password protected.
  • Data is stored in two different data centres.
  • Complies with the POPI act.
  • Extremely secure and password protected
    • Secure Backup is extremely secure and password protected. Not even our staff can view your files. (So remember your password.)
    • Your data will be stored at two different locations so no matter what happens at your business premises, your data is secure.
    • Should you need to restore a backup you can simply log into our software and download the backup. The backup will run at night when our networks don’t have high usage.

     We will assist you with technical support to setup your backup structure.
    Once the back-up structure is in place, you can adjust your back-up schedule to suit your companies needs.

    How Data is Stored
    Questions & Answers
    What happens if data is lost ?

    Use our software. Login, locate your backup, download and restore.

    Where is my data stored ?

    Our backups are all about redundancy, which is why your files are stored on redundant Dell equipment with SAN storage devices replicated to our two off site data centres. Data is encrypted and stored on our backup systems. This means that a copy of your files will always exist, no matter what happens to your systems or even our own. Files are instantly retrievable from the Internet to make backing up and data restoration easier than ever before.

    On-site versus online ?

    Even if you are currently backing up to tape, zip disk, CD-RW, or other form of media, it is more than likely that the process is not completely automated. An employee must change out the media periodically and manually verify that completed backups are successful. Our online backup system bypasses this tedious process. Backups are automated, and backup reports are sent via email daily. At any time, you can retrieve or verify your files on our server from virtually any location in the world!

    In addition, onsite backup systems cannot provide adequate protection against theft, fire, or any other form of local system failure. As they say, it’s best not to have all your eggs in one basket.

    We thus recommend using our services in addition to any local backup mechanisms you have in place already.

    How is my data backed up ?

    Through your Internet connection whether its Wireless or ADSL.

    How does the backup software encrypt the data ?

    Before your data is compressed a copied over to the backup server it is encrypted using AES (either 128 or 256 bit). This encryption is based on a key for each backup set. By default this key is the same as the password set on your online backup account. You must have this key in order to restore and decrypt the files, so it is critical that your password is kept safe. We recommend that you keep your key in an envelop in your safe. Without your key, you would be unable to restore your encrypted files.

    What do I need to set up online backup ?

    Only a our Internet connection is needed. This completely eliminates the need to purchase expensive backup hardware and/or media. Because the system is completely automated, you don’t have to spend valuable time swapping disks or tapes.

    Who will set-up my back-up configuration ?

    Your local IT technician. We will provide them with a user manual and support from our support.

    How many secure back-up accounts do I need?

    You need one secure back-up account per device.  For example: You would need three secure back-up accounts if you would like to backup your accounting server(1), file server(2) and desktop computer(3).

    What is my responsibility ?

    Its your responsibility to make sure the correct files are backed-up and to make sure the back-up runs without errors. This means you must keep tabs on the backup report email. Its your responsibility to use the backup system correctly.

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