Our Services

  • Internet services and VoIP
  • Technical support and supply
  • Networking
  • Software development
  • IT consulting services

Internet Services

All our packages are uncapped, un-throttled and unshaped.

A constant high speed Internet connection is far more valuable than a connection that is sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Software Development

The best system is the one that is custom made for your organisation unlike the traditional shelf software. We are using a modern technology that allows easy integration with other systems.

Reporting becomes easy with business intelligent. We have a number of such systems you can choose from and have it adjusted to fit your needs.

Technical Support & Supply

We assist in making sure that we offer the best technical support from basic connectivity problems, printing, virus and broken computers fixing.
Supply of accessories of the computer
We do this both physically and virtually.
Delivering quality work of service when you need us.

Either as and when you need us or rent our services permanently.
Call us for full packages.


Connection of all equipment in a Local Area Network (LAN) or on Wide Area Network (WAN) is our specialty. We connect you via Copper e.g Cat 5/e, Cat 6 or Optic Fiber and Wireless Connection.

Point to Point Connection, Point to Multiple Points:

  • Fiber to home
  • Fiber to business
  • Fiber to the complex
  • Fiber civil work, floating, splicing, link build plan.

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